Others’ Eyes

Others’ Eyes

Looking in the mirror,

We recognize our true selves.

But what others see when they look at us,

Is something else.

Preconceived ideas, senseless clichés,

Deform how we see each other.

And although we hate being judged ourselves,

We don’t mind doing it to one another.

We put labels on people’s face.

Classify them, depending on their tastes, life choices or race.

One look, we swear we know everything.

But the truth is, we know nothing.

Because the metrosexual isn’t gay

And the tomboy doesn’t have to like girls.

The woman wearing short skirts isn’t inevitably a bitch

And the one wearing glasses isn’t always a nerd.

The tatted ones aren’t delinquents

And the religious ones aren’t infallibly good.

Rich people don’t always have a perfect life

And poor ones aren’t necessarily miserable.

But that’s what some of us think,

Because that’s what society taught us.

But we need to start thinking for ourselves

And open up to what our neighbor really wants to show us.

Sally Riché


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