Chilai Kalan & Frozen Wishes

Chilai Kalan & Frozen Wishes

Dragging myself towards
A blurred window pane,

I wipe its tears.

Its broken glass pane,

A broken winter I see too.

The outside world forms,

An overcast sky so blue.

Motion of life slow like,

Droplets dripping from those

Icicles I’ve smashed too.

Its a frozen winter

And I’m frozen too,

But for the rest its not,

Why can they not see it too?

I hear less chirping birds.

I hear no loud cries-wild.

The trees like statues,

Do not rustle with the wind.

All wish for snow

Course I do too.

But our wishes stuck here-

Frozen they stand somehow.

The Chilai Kalan seems lost

Somewhere among the hills,

I hope you wish for it too.

Khawaja Musadiq

2 Replies to “Chilai Kalan & Frozen Wishes”

  1. Just from some days you have become my habit,
    You have grown as my necessity.
    I smile with your words,
    I flow with your waves.
    I just want to flow with you,
    I just want to walk with you.
    And that too with smile,
    With which I am always ready to walk for a mile.
    And I just want our walk to be,
    As pure as wind passing by me.
    And I just want it to be,
    As elegant as sky full of stars and moon over me.

    #LoveForLife #LoveForSmile


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